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Adam's Journal
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Saturday, July 17th, 2004
3:12 am
new livejournal
ive got a new livejournal, and i dont know how to work it so add me to your freinds list, SKINNYISNAIVE.
Saturday, August 23rd, 2003
2:35 am
My Birthday
Just so everyone knows... My 21st b-day with Naive and Mercy Drive at the Social... total craziness... BE THERE!!!!
Sunday, February 2nd, 2003
5:44 am
FYP in Lauredale
WOW WOW WOW!!!... More excitement to come when I wake up... It's time to sober up... Love yuou all
Friday, January 31st, 2003
11:54 pm
I have it... that's all you need to know... and holy shit is it insane.
Wednesday, January 29th, 2003
2:59 pm
What a night!
WARNING: Way too long NAIVE story ahead. Not near as funny to you as it is to me... but read it anyway.

So last night was Tuesday and my boy Ramez was playing his acoustic set downtown. I don't know if I mentioned it last time but him and Ryan from Naive really hit it off... It must be the dreadlocks. They are into the same acid jazz stuff and they are gonna get together and jam or something. Anyway, Ryan said he'd come out and see Ramez play. Well as I was walking to the cafe, Chris calls me and says him and Ryan are coming. That made me feel better cuz when Ramez and Ryan start talking Adam gets confused and bored, and we don't want that. So, his set went well. The lady was a bitch and made him turn it down. Ryan knocked 2 drinks out of peoples hands. Made me laugh. Then the guys gave me a ride to my car so I could give them a copy of their acoustic stuff so they could hear Red and Supernatural.

Then I followed them to Spatz. This is where all the fun starts. Now, totally accidently I wore my Naive shirt. Felt real dumb, but it was ok. I walk up to the bar, and we all know I'm only 20, and order a Bud Light. The bartender asks for my I.D., but before I could answer says, "You're in Naive aren't you?" I said no but I'm friends with them as I put my arm around Chris and that got me a free beer. Very cool. So we met Ryan's girlfriend and one of her friends there. They were very funny by the end of the night, but we'll get to that. Oh, 2 quick side notes. I brought a girl I knew from High School and she was so out of the loop. I felt bad for like 5 seconds then I got over it. And also, I met a girl in my computer class who "hung out" with Chris before they went out to L.A. I also found that funny. So we met them there and were just drinking like the alcoholics that we are, then we decided to play some pool, and since I was with the big rock stars, we got to play for free (free beer and free pool, knowing them is paying off... haha). Chris called Brian from Skrape and he came out and some drummer named Tim, and yeah, Ramez and his friend Steve met us there too.

So at this point it's me, Ryan, Chris, Ramez, Steve, Brian, Tim, Ryan's girl, her friend, and my friend from HS. Me and Chris were playing pool and Ryan's girl went and bought shots for all the guys, except for Chris and I. We bitched and moaned, so she bought us one as well. We then proceeded to do about 4 more shots in between the 8 beers I drank. Me and Chris were toasted, and very funny mind you. Chris was spitting game on every piece of ass in the bar, and I helped with a little bit of drunken "Do you know who this?" and "Remember this face." Turns out that I used to work with a guy at Sears that went to High School with Will from Skrape and Brian knew who he was so we laughed about that in between the 4 fights he tried to pick with me. He was kidding, but it wasn't very funny. So at this point it's only 12:30 and we're bombed. We decide to leave and walk out to the parking lot, which is gravel. Chris runs out before us and gets to the parking lot and proceeds to throw rocks at us. So, what does my drunk ass do? Run after him of course. Tackle him and almost bust ass in the parking lot. So I we left and went home. Don't really remember much after that. I remember driving home and going upstairs and watching a movie with my friend. Other than that I was up at 7:30 for work. What a day!
Tuesday, January 28th, 2003
2:35 pm
NAIVE pictures
OK, I'm building a webpage for a class and its about NAIVE... go figure. Now I have pictures of some of the guys, but I need any other ones that you guys can get me... I appreciate it.
Sunday, January 26th, 2003
12:16 am
So for once I'm in a good mood... sorta. I got to see NAIVE on Wednesday... amazing... then we hung out for God knows how long with the guys with an end result of watching the game tomorrow at Brett's and Chris and Robbier letting me listen to the CD, which I garuntee will end with me having a copy in my hands. If I have to break in the there and steal it I will damn it. Anyway, didn't get to go Thursday, but I did get rather drunk and high. I was going to go Friday but my dad paid an unexpected visit, which was cool. The coolest thing was on the way to lunch with him Chris called me to see if I was coming up there so they could put me on the guest list. I told him I'd call him back but my phone died so I couldn't call him til I was sure they were on stage so I didn't bother. I'm trying to get out of my prior engagment to go on Friday, but it's rush week and I kinda have to be there... we'll see... damn this LJ thing is fun.
Monday, January 20th, 2003
9:09 am
Holy shit... This is two in a week
OK, so I was at work at Tony Roma's on Saturday night and one of the servers asked if I was tired. I thought they were hitting on me, but it was a dude so I hoped not. I said no and he asked if I wanted to help bounce at a club across the street. I've always wanted to bounce so I agreed and we went over there. The place was packed and he says, "Oh yeah, It's a Kappa party." Me, being the ignorant frat guy that I am naturally think he meant the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. No he meant the Kappa Alpha Psi BLACK Fraternity. Now, those of you who have been New Port Richey (Ellen) know that there are like 4 and a half black people in that whole town, so I was a little "iffy" about being the only white there, and sure enough I was. So fast forward to me walking around the club wiht my bald ass head in a club full of black people. I felt like a sore thumb to say the least. Even the girls were bigger than me. Then it happened. Some dude started swinging on one of the other bouncers. At first I watched then realized I had to do something about it. So i grabbed the guy and one of his buddies cracked me in the back of the head. So I dropped the first guy and laid out the second guy. Went back to the first guy threw him on the ground, threw a couple punches and tossed his ass in the parking lot, where he was then picked up by the police. It all happened so fast I didn't even remember all the details til the next morning, when I woke up with a huge knot on my head. It was an awesome night and I got 40 bucks for 3 hours work... I need more jobs like that... you knwo the ones where I do nothing all day. Anyway, just thought I'd share.
Saturday, January 18th, 2003
9:54 am
OK, so I'm all stoked about going to this show last night. Me and my boy Ramez (who I talked into going since I couldn't find anyone else) Leave at 4:45 to take the 3 hour driv to Ft. Myers. Well, I thought I would be smart and take 417 all the way past the Disney traffic and hop on I-4 and it would be smooth. Well I-4 was a parking lot... ALL THE WAY TO 27!!!... For those of you who don't know 27 is about 30 minutes away normally and it took me 2 hours to get to there yesterday. All because of a wreck that happened hours earlier. So after we get through that mess I needed to make up time. Fast forward. We get to Ft. Myers and I'm trying to find the club. Ramez asks if there will be a lot of people there. I didn't think so. How many people in Ft. Myers will go to a club at 8:30 to see Naive?... Apparently a billion. We get to the club at 830 and the line is around the back of the building. We park down the road and walk to the club. I can hear "You Can't Handle It" inside. I try to talk the bouncer into letting me in. It doesn't work. There was no way we'd get in before the end of the set. We were only staying for Naive anyway since I had to be here at TransCon at 10am. We decided to stand by the back door since it was open and I could hear. They sounded good... FROM THE BACK DOOR!!!... That's my new saying. It was so fricken cold out there. We waited til the end of their set and got their attention. The guys came outside and huing out for a few. And I told them how we were freezing and how they sounded good... FROM THE BACK DOOR!!! Anyway, we got in the car and drove home . Got back here at about 1 and I crashed. God I can't wait for Wednesday. Just another day in the life of Adam, the psycho Naive fan who drive obscene distances to go to shows... AND STAND AT THE BACK DOOR!!! It's OK, makes for a good story. Next Friday is Tallhassee... should be a good one.
2:57 am
You know this has to be important
OK, so if you see an entry from me you know something crazy wnet down... Tonight, as you all know was the Naive show in Ft. Myers. Stay tuned for tomorrows entry as I spill all my woes about the worst night EVER!!! I'm going to bed before i pass out in my chair.
Sunday, December 1st, 2002
4:53 am
That's right folks, you know when I make a post that something is up. My life has made an enexpected turn for the good. I was once at negative $300 dollars but now I'm back in positive figures. I'm not a dog shit pledge anymore. I am offically a brother of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. I got to go home this weekend and see my parents. It was nice to be home. I got to hang out with my ex- who I haven't talked to let alone seen in forever. It was awesome seeing her again. We hung out just like we used to one thing led to another and well... nevermind. We'll just say it was worth the trip. NPR wasn't so bad, but the trip nome sucked. I had to work at 6am on Friday, but I got a date with some hot girl from work... she's got a kid... is that bad? LOL. Then, I saw the guys. What a fuckin show. Simply insane. And I was there after NAIVE got off, so I will be pissed at 30STM for the no show... fuck those guys. I'm going to put my post from the 30STM message board at the bottom of this post. What a show, and one of these days, I'm gonna go over and chill with Rob and Chris since they live 2 buildings down from me. Finals next week. Things are looking up. Let's hope it stays that way. ROCK ON!


I have never heard 30STM, so I am unbiased. But I see it like this. I knew he was in the band before it was announced on the radio, and while I understand he wants to be a musical bad-ass without the help of his "My So-Called Life" rep, it's going to happen. And if he does that because he wants to all about the music, he should have shugged it off, said some nasty shit about O-Rock on stage and played on. There is nothing O-Rock hates more than that. Naive did a hell of job, as always and by no means should Syrus apologize for what he said... because the guys didn't show, we had to stand an extra hour and a half in the cold. O-Rock fucked up by not telling us. I mean most people were there to see the first 2 bands anyway. I just think that he needs to stop thinking like an actor and more like a musician if that's what he wants to be percieved as. Music is about just that, music... and fans, and I'm sorry for those of you who went out there to see them and were dissappointed, but your boy's got an ego...
Monday, October 28th, 2002
1:58 pm
One of those nights...
Ever have one of those days where you just feel like everything you've done means nothing and you don't know what or who to believe anymore, but everyone thinks your a horrible person, but you know that you did everything you could to make it right, but its just not good enough? Well that's every day of my life... so since song lyrics seem to be a popular thing around here... I have a few of my own.

If I Could

Searching for the truth in the lines of a song
I broke down and I'm supposed to be strong so how,
can I believe things will work out right, when it seems you turned your back and left me out last night.
If I was young then maybe I'd shed a tear, but I grew up kind of fast when your ass left me here.
I can't believe I told you thigns no one knows,
I let you in and then I let the door close.
What the hell was I thinking when I chose to, to keep you here with my inside exposed?

If I could tell you I loved you, I would
Things never seem to work out like they should.
Maybe I keep too much inside, maybe you've got too much to hide.

-cue estey

That's it. I got this CD on Saturday outside Hard Rock and it just says it all, to everyone. I let too many people in to easy, and I always get screwed. I comprimise everything I believe in thinking that next person will be different, then I get crushed. I just wish I had more than ONE DAY to work with.

Current Mood: Torn
Friday, September 20th, 2002
3:05 am
Tuesday, September 17th, 2002
2:15 pm
A day of mixed emotions
OK, so I'm sick as hell and I can't eat. Went to the doctor and got more pills. But the bright spot that turned my day was.... you guessed it... "BELIEVE" is probably the greatest album I've ever heard. I almost lost my mind when I heard Liberate for the first time. And don't even get me started on Darkness. I just wish Disturbed Day didn;t fall on a day when I was sick. But what a day anyway. The Man is my God!

Current Mood: Frantically excited
6:21 am
It has finally come...
All I have to say is... HAPPY DISTURBED DAY!... Even though I am sick as hell right now, there is still one bright spot. I hope everyone goes out and buys this record... DAVID DRAIMAN IS MY GOD!

Current Mood: Sick but excited
Friday, September 13th, 2002
3:18 pm
David Draiman is my God!!!!
OK, so I know I don't post in here as much as everyone else, but when I feel so inclined to sat something... here I am. I read the post from the disturbed message board and all I can say is that man is my God. I said it last year when I saw them at Guavaween in Tampa. We would have followed that man to the ends of the Earth that night. His presence and power are matched by no other... no, not even Chris... HAHA. And we all know how big of a NAIVE freak I am. Everyday I get more and more pumped for the Pop Sux tour in Tampa. It's going to blow away all other shows. I'm going to be at the front door of the record store the second it opens on Tuesday so I can be the first one to get the new record.I need to meet the man. I will do anything to get back there just to shake his hand and say hello. I search for connections will begin right away. I have a lot of people I can call, but I'm not sure if they can help, but we will see... So, if anyone knows someone that can help, feel free to do what you can. OK, nap time for Adam. I said it once and I'll say it again... DAVID DRAIMAN IS MY GOD!!!

Current Mood: PUMPED!
Monday, September 9th, 2002
1:53 pm
Umm.... ok
Just for the record, I'm not the one with the crappy taste in sports teams, but I am very lucky, yes. I'm going on 1 hour of sleep, and I worked all morning. I think I'm going to sleep. I just wanted to clear up that I did not write that last post... I would never knock my Rangers... People should know better.
1:26 pm
*Random run through journal*
I am soooooooooooo very very very very very very special. I don't even know how special I am. No wonder somebody cares about me sooooooooo much because I'm the greatest guy to come into her life for a while now. It doesn't even matter that I am from New Port Richey. She still likes me anyway. AND even though I have crappy taste in sports teams. Wow am I a lucky guy...

**hee hee hee**
Thursday, September 5th, 2002
11:24 am
FINALLY.... something exciting!
OK, so me and all the boys went to Knight Lights last night for the Choach and Skinny Birthday Bash. People bought me drinks all night and I got bombed... Happy ALMOST Birthday to me. Then we went to the fraternity house, got even more drunk (I had my first shot with our President... weird), then came home and hung out. I got up this morning at 9am, hungover as hell, and went to my job interview. Now, here's the breakdown. I need a job, that's a given. I've been looking for months and finally decided to go back to animals. I did it for 2 years back home, so whatever. I went to the Petsmart down the road and put in an application. The only spot they really had open was a professional bather. How much would that suck? So I was kind of hoping that they would see my experience and give me a better job. Well, my wish came true... sort of. I am going to be a nurse at the animal hospital. Yeah, it sounds gay, but it's really not. It's going to be a lot more work than back home, but it pays well, so we'll see. So, it's on to another day of class. yay *sarcasm*.

Current Mood: content
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002
11:57 pm
What a Day!
OK, so after the phone incident, I hung out for a few minutes, and then went to class. I spent from 2 until 10 on campus and in class. It sucks, but it's only twice a week, so it's OK. I got all my homework done and now the guys are out playing quarters in the living room. I was really hoping a certain somebody was online so I could talk to her, but she's gone somewhere so it looks like I'm off to play quarters with the boys... I wish there were some ladies here... but oh well, I'll deal.
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